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How to clean a sofa?

How to clean a sofa? - Cleaning Tips
How to clean a sofa?

There are multiple ways to clean a sofa. However it all depends on what type of material your sofa is made of – leather, microfiber or just simple fabric. The cleaning process can be easy or difficult, at the end it really depends on where your sofa is dirty and how dirty it is. It is important to clean a stain as soon as you see it on the sofa, because once it dries it will be hard to get it out at once. To remove a stain use foam cleaner over the spot and rub it gently with a soft dust cloth. 

Before cleaning the sofa read the label for fabric descriptions and cleaning instructions. Prepare yourself with patience, will and several work tools. You will need a vacuum cleaner with upholstery attachment, can of rug cleaner and a soft towel.
It is good to start the cushions because they are easy to remove. You can unzip the cushions and put them in the washing machine. After you remove the cushions use the vacuum cleaner to clean up the sofa from small bits of food left over, dust, hair and even fur. After you are done with the vacuum, test the rug cleaner spray on a small, hidden area of the sofa. Look for any marks on it. See how the cleaner will react with the fabric. If all goes well spray the entire sofa, wait 2-3 minutes and rub the cleaner with the towel. 
If your sofa is leather you have two ways to clean it. One is to take cream leather cleaner and a soft towel.  Rub the cream gently until it disappears. Usually a cream cleaner will fix help removing not only dust but also stains. Second way is to use warm water, leather cleaner and two clouts. Mix one small bucket of water with few drops of leather cleaner. Wet one of the clouts and start brushing the sofa. When you are done take the dry clout and polish the sofa.

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How to clean a sofa - tips

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